I joined Haidri Beverages back in Oct 2020 as MTO-HR. For me Haidri has become a constant source of motivation through what I do. Not just within the company but also how it has empowered me through my work. I love the cross functional aspect of my day-to-day job, working closely with different teams and stakeholders has allowed me to discover more about my strengths as a team player. The pace of work in an FMCG is intense and demanding but at the same time we never forget to have fun, which helps us stay motivated to provide healthier solutions for the future generations.
Nayyera Rehman
Executive HR
Every day is a new day working at Haidri Beverages because of all the challenges it has to offer. It provides whole bunch of opportunities to anyone especially for those who have drive for it. The experiences I have gained along the way are unique and valuable both professionally as well as personally and I am really overwhelmed to be part of it
Junaid Sarwar
Executive Audit
Working as an MTO-Procurement at PepsiCola International leading franchise has really helped me to explore my untapped potential. I relish the cross functional aspect of my everyday job. From involvement in discussing Planning & Strategy formulation to sourcing materials & negotiating with vendors, I feel, has proved to be the major contribution towards my personal and professional growth
Hassan Tauqir
MTO Procurement
I have joined pepsi haidri beverages almost 2 months ago and it has been a great exposure over here. The most important thing i have liked here is the pacy environment and the will to outperform. Everyone is helping and the new technology on the plant is very interesting. Thats my short and brief overview of my 2 months exposure at Haideri beverages.
Nabeel Tabssum
I joined Haidri Beverages in Feb 2020, I feel very proud to be one of the employees of Haidri Beverages Pvt Ltd. My career and functional knowledge of SAP has skied within the tenure of one and a half year since I became the part of this company. The extraordinary knowledge transfer across the different streams of departments has benefitted a lot. I am really grateful to work in a place which makes us grow to greater heights.
Muhammad Hassan Askari
IT Specialist
I joined NBL 4 months ago as a Management Trainee Officer and what I most cherish during my learning period in NBL is ‘opportunity’. As a Chemical Engineer my aim is to learn as much as I can about the process and operation of beverage industry, and I am getting all the support from my management and team members in a very challenging environment which has helped me a great deal in honing my skills and becoming a versatile resource.
Mahnoor Saeed
Right from my joining, I knew I will have a great learning experience at Haidri beverages. I started as an intern and was welcomed by the whole team. After 2 months I was promoted to the position of MTO Commercial. My team encouraged to take initiatives and provided me with learning opportunities that helped me in growing as a professional. My Career in this organization is of short span though, yet it is full of learning curves, that not only polished my professional aura but also refined me as prosperous individual. I am lucky to be a part of this incredible organization and keen to cover many more years of fantabulous learning.
Bareera Tariq
MTO Capability & Development
During 4 Months at Pepsi NBL, I have learned a lot of new things some of them are given below Understand the Process of Warehouse & Logistics. Understanding of the SAP (ERP) Software. Attend some meetings with HOD of Warehouse and discuss about improvement. Understand the mechanism of Reporting and Analysis. The process of learning new things & techniques is still continue.
Muhammad Sarmad
So far, it has been an amazing experience, in Haidri Beverages being internal auditor means you get to work in different areas, I have been working on a lot of exciting tasks both on my own and in teams, I am very happy to be part of Hadri, as working here helped me polish my skills and knowledge
Afaq Haider
Executive Audit

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