Tranining Need Analysis Form

Training Need Analysis Form

Workplace behavior training is a way to upskill your employees in non-technical skills. These skills are a vital component of a high-quality employee and overall workforce. They also impact your employees’ ability to connect and interact with clients and each other effectively. A critical component of creating this environment is building a business where you, our people, recognize our company as being a great place to work and one that provides you with challenge, recognition, opportunities and development.

For this purpose, few critical behavioral trainings have been identified for your staff and reportees. Please select the topics that reflect your reportees’ most important development and training needs. It is desired of you to send your feedback within 48 hours of receiving this form in your inbox.

Thank you for taking out time and filling this form for us. We appreciate your feedback in 100 % confidentiality and want to assure that your opinion matters to us!

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