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Sarfraz Ahmed Peers

The purpose of this survey is to get your candid opinion for us to identify and prioritize the improvement areas as per your feedback and devise a way forward to embark on the journey of success. This is a 100 % confidential connect. Rest assured that the survey below has been designed to ensure confidentiality at all levels. Please do not mention your name or any identification while filling this information. The objective of this exercise is to see how we can improve your working with Sarfraz Ahmed – Chief Operating Officer, SW Sugar Mills. Please prioritize whatever changes you want to suggest. Though we encourage your positive thoughts on the cost-saving initiatives, we request you to refrain from any comments and feedback regarding the compensation and benefits structure of the company. It is desired of you to send your feedback within 48 hours of receiving the survey in your inbox.

Thank you for taking out time and filling this form for us. We appreciate your feedback in 100 % confidentiality and want to assure that your opinion matters to us!

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