Northern Bottling Company: Bringing Water Wastage to the Curb

At Northern Bottling Company, we believe in performance with a purpose aligned with PepsiCo goals of the environment. While we make it a point to deliver, at the end of the day our goal is clear; to create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment for Pakistan.

Considering this, Northern Bottling Company – Pepsi Peshawar proposed the installation of waste water treatment plant in an attempt to reduce water wastage within the company and to also create a safer environment for the people of KPK.

The inauguration for which took place on Oct 25 within the Hayatabad Industrial Estate in Peshawar along with the Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Commerce (SACM), Abdul Karim Khan Tordher, who was present as the Chief Guest. 

During the inauguration, Mr. Abdul Karim Khan stated that pollution and environmental degradation is serious issue in current times and that the waste water currently available is not safe to use for agricultural purposes. This is why it is empirical to create such water wastage treatment plants that will provide safe water.

Through this initiative, Northern Bottling Company – Pepsi Peshawar ensures that no water goes to waste. The water wastage treatment plant in Hayatabad Industrial Estate, we target this issue and will be able to accumulate all waste water produced by the company and process it, making it safe to use for farming and other means.

Not only will this eliminate unsafe water, but the waste water treatment plant will also prove to be beneficial for the environment by reducing water pollution, the accumulation of solid waste in the environment.

Furthermore, we guarantee that this waste water treatment plant along with the treated water complies with all environmental standards and will leave no room for complaints.

The budget for this plant has already been approved in 2016 through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s provincial industrial policy.  However, allocation of resources is yet to take place to fully begin operations within the plant.

Our CEO, Ali Navaiz, urges the KPK government to act upon their promises and improve the infrastructure within the Hayatabad Industrial Estate since the location has great potential and can prove to be a great attraction for local and foreign investment within the KPK region.

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