Repair On-The-Go with Pepsi Islamabad

As peak season is coming to end, this is a perfect time for us to prepare for the next season by proactively looking for customer satisfaction solutions. In our efforts towards it, Pepsi Islamabad has launched 17 “Mobile Workshops” in the month of October 2021.

The idea behind this initiative is such that the customer no longer has to send their coolers off to the MEM workshops, we are bringing them repairs on-the-go.

Now, all they need to do is inform our representatives; and a mobile workshop will reach their destination to fix whatever issue they are facing. Similarly, if the customer ever feels like the cooler could use a deep clean or a thorough washing, we have made sure that our mobile workshops have a 100-liter water tank attached with an inlet/outlet hose, along with a pressure pump; making cleaning easier.

Pepsi Islamabad guarantees 100% efficiency; our mobile repair stations always have two-way audio and video activated. This helps us better coordinate with the backend team while also being able to overlook the process to ensure smooth running of the program. 

Our mobile workshops are constructed in such a way that they contain all necessary spare parts, tools, and accessories fit to cater to all kinds of problems that they may face. These tools and parts are placed carefully in designated shelves or drawers that are made particularly for safe storage and travel.

Through this initiative, we have managed to cover a total of 109 cities and towns. Apart from these mobile workshops, were also able to additionally create 12 sub-workshops, all of which, contain a field technician present at all times.

Our pilot project kicked off in Islamabad, where the  Mobile Workshop was introduced ,which is also where our MEM station is located. From which we were able to create sub-workshops within the following cities:

  • Baffa – where we covered 7 major towns and 3,000 coolers.
  • Mansehra – 3 major towns and 1,700 coolers.
  • Abbottabad – 3 major towns and 2,500 coolers.
  • Wah – 6 major towns and 2,200 coolers.
  • Attock – 3 major towns and 1,600 coolers.
  • Muzaffarabad – 11 major towns and 2,800 coolers.
  • Mirpur – 10 major towns and 3,200 coolers.

Not only did we create sub-stations and mobile workshops in Islamabad, but also deployed several sub-stations within the Peshawar region. The list is as follows:

  • Malakand – where we managed to cover 17 major towns and 4,300 coolers.
  • Charsadda – 7 major towns and 3,700 coolers.
  • Kohat – 8 major towns and 2,500 coolers.
  • Bannu – 6 major towns and 1,800 coolers.
  • I Khan – 3 major towns and 2,500 coolers.

This is only the beginning, this program will continue till the end of the year (Dec 2021) – through this initiative we are aiming at reducing average repair time by 35%. Not only are we expanding our geographic horizons, but we are also constantly working on making this program more efficient, leaving no room for complaints.

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